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FAQ – Global References

The mighty Nordschleife is not a modern racetrack. Blind off-camber corners, crests and dips, different types of tarmac with different levels of grip. And the Eifel weather on top of that. The most demanding track in the world. However, the Ring is technically not a track during Touristenfahrten, it is a German toll road and therefore normal traffic laws are valid. Please be aware of this at all times. The most important rule: Overtaking ONLY on the left side! If a car gets closer in your rear view mirror it means that it is faster than you. Keep right, indicate with the right turn signal that you've seen him and will let him pass. Please observe that traffic can be intense and a vast amount of different kinds of vehicles are allowed on the Ring. Everything from bikes and tourist buses to family vans and supersportcars sharing the track at the same time. And not every driver is experienced, no matter what vehicle he is in. When a situation arises and you are in doubt, always think safety first. Back off 10-15% and enjoy the next lap. And the next. And the next. And NEVER lose the respect for the track.
Well ahead of time. If you must cancel your reservation, please give us notice 24h before. If you haven't picked the car up 2 hours after your time slot begins we reserve the right to let another customer rent it instead, with exception of the case of you having informed us that you arrive later.
All our cars are 2-seaters.
Our headquarter is at the Nuerburgring Info Center. Our address is: Nürburgring Boulevard 1, D-53520 Nuerburg
Yes, but here is no rental Company for cameras. You have to bring your own.
Yes, please contact us regarding this to get more information. For trackdays we also have instruction packages, give us a call if you want to know more.
Yes, from 269,- € / Lap. Please visit www.ringtaxi.com for more Information.
You can find the opening hours here: http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/drives-fun/drives/touristenfahrten/tourist-rides-nordschleife/opening-times-nordschleife.html Please observe that the Nürburgring GmbH sometimes changes the opening hours with short notice.
Yes. You can send us an email, we can book a room at our own Hotel.
Yes. The Jahreskarte is linked to you personally and not your car.
onsider that one lap of the Nordschleife is equivalent to 4-6 laps on a normal racetrack. Length wise that is, concentration and adrenalin wise it is even more. We have based the free mileage in our offers on experience, our goal is that you return the car with a big smile on your face and nice life-long memories to cherish. Some seem to think that it is all about the number of laps but we think that it is all about the feeling afterwards. Should you however feel fresh enough to tackle the challenge on one more lap or two, you have the possibility to do so for an additional cost per kilometer, provided you stay within the booked time frame.

FAQ – Safety & Support

Yes, no problem. Please note that German traffic law requires a minimum age of 12 years or minimum height of 1,50 meters for front seat passengers and that we don't have cars with a back seat.
The rental price for Touristenfahrten includes an insurance covering damage to your rental car, other cars and all persons involved, except yourself. The levels of excess are found in the car description on the Cars & Prices page. Furthermore, since the track is a normal toll road subjected to German traffic law during Touristenfahrten, the insurance company of the driver who caused an accident is responsible to cover the costs. That means that if your accident is caused by another driver his insurance company pays your damage. However, you are responsible for making sure the fault is on the other driver, this can mean that you have to call the police to get the facts right. Please observe that this might not be easy or even feasible, then you remain responsible for the damage on your rental car and must pay the required excess.
No, you don't have to wear a helmet during Touristenfahrten on the Nürburgring. If you want to wear a helmet you can borrow one from us, free of charge, but you can also bring your own if you wish.
You should wear clothes you feel comfortable in, too tight-fitting ones may be a hindrance. When it comes to the shoes, please be sure not to turn up in flip-flops, high heels or clunky shoes.
Yes, you can find the different age requirements for the different cars on the Cars & Prices page. Please note that a passenger has to be 12 years old or over 1,50 meters.

FAQ – Service & Payment

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, EC and cash payments.
The car, general wear and tear and the free mileage according to the tariff you have reserved. Lap tickets and fuel are not included. You can do additional mileage for an additional cost/km, on the Cars & Prices page there is more information about this. In the all-inclusive packages lap tickets and fuel are included.
Our all-inclusive packages are the most convenient way of experiencing the Nürburgring since you only have to do the driving and are not bothered with anything else. Come to us, sign the contract and take the keys to your reserved car and drive off to the track. The lap ticket waits in the car for you and you don't have to fill the car up when you return it. For your information, one tank of fuel does not necessarily cover the free mileage listed in the all-day tariffs. Depending on your driving style and the resulting fuel consumption you might need to fill the car up. Please note that this additional cost is NOT included in the price. Also note that you have to pay for the towing if you run out of fuel, approximately 200 EUR.
If the track does not open you can reschedule your reservation or get a full refund.
The packages are based on our long-time experience. Under normal circumstances it is no problem to complete the full amount of laps. However, it may not always be possible, for example if the track has to be closed after severe accidents. Since these are circumstances we cannot control we dont offer any refunds in these cases.
No, the Evening prices are only valid Monday-Friday on days when the track is open 2-2,5 hours in the evening.
No. Rain is an integral part of everyday life in the Eifel region and to this day we haven't found a way to control the weather.
Because your well-being is important to us, not only financially but also physically! Treated wrong, the Nordschleife can be a really dangerous piece of tarmac. And we know that experience from other tracks and/or fast powerful cars in most cases doesn´t help you one bit. So instead of scaring yourself crazy in an extremely powerful car and actually not having a lot of fun, we think it is wiser to start with a car, for example the Scirocco Cup+, which lets you enjoy your driving and concentrate on learning the track. You will definitely get more out of your visit that way. However, there is an option enabling you to drive the BMW M3's or the Porsches on your first visit. These cars can be rented in combination with an instructor package.